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L’Egypte à petits pas (Actes Sud, 2007)

Aude Gros de Beler is an Egyptologist and works as an editor for éditions Errance. She has written several books about ancient Egypt.

In french

Bibliography :

  • L’Egypte à petits pas (Actes Sud, 2007)

A brief summary of L’Egypte à petits pas :

How did the ancient Egyptians live in the fertile Nile valley a few thousand years before our time ? Whereas we all know about the pyramids or some of the gods or pharaohs, we know very little of the daily lives of the people, their occupations, their clothing, their eating habits, and the children’s education. This book written by an Egyptologist reveals a few surprising facts about Egyptian civilisation, about learning maths, table manners, dress codes, leisure activities … The readers will quickly familiarise themselves with the life of the Egyptians by taking this cruise up the Nile and back in time.