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Sortie de secours (Editions Arthaud, 2007)


Yves Paccalet was born in Haute Savoie into a large family in 1945. He is an ecologist, philosopher, novelist and essayist. He studied philosophy at Ecole Normale Supérieure and met commander Cousteau in 1972. Two years later, he embarked on the Calypso to follow the sailors and write about their pursuits. Followed fifteen years of adventures and about twenty books written for the commander and numerous texts for documentaries, as well as a series of comics.
Yves Paccalet also works as a journalist for Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris Match, National Geographic and Géo. In 1999,he travelled to Kamchatka with Nicolas Hulot to make a film. He also co hosted a radio show on Europe 1 with Jacques Pradel. In 1998, he published his first book L’azur ! L’azur !. He then went on to publish several essays on nature and animals such as Le Bonheur en marchant, Mes plus belles balades en marchant and La vie des requins. His most recent publication is an essay entitled L’humanité disparaîtra, bon débarras ! It is full of dark humour, very provocative, but also desperate where the writer, a committed and angry ecologist and philosopher confronts the readers about our gross negligence. Yves Pacalet is also a photographer, and he has published his work in Forêts de légende that came out the same year (2005) as Extrême Sud, périples antarctiques on which he cooperated with Patrick Wilde.

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Bibliography :

  • Sortie de secours (Editions Arthaud, 2007)

A brief summary of Sortie de secours :

After the publication of L’Humanité disparaîtra, bon débarras !, Yves Paccalet’s readers started asking him what they could do to save the planet, to make a commitment and do something. Sortie de secours is his timely and humorous answer. If we go on like this, there is a one hundred percent statistical chance that we will soon disappear off the face of the earth. Are there any real solutions, not just prayers or long speeches, but something solid ? Is there any hope of finding an emergency exit ? Our only solution is to become human beings. Homo Sapiens has not been born yet. We need to take that step, to become wiser. If we want to conjugate our species in the future, we need to get going on historical tasks. We need to start living with less, strive to achieve true equality, altruism and solidarity. An anti-establishment force is also needed to compensate for global dictatorship. More than anything else, what is needed is for us to change our values. Sortie de secours ? is an invigorating essay, that should be read ASAP.