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Jupiter et Moi (Liana-Levi, 2005)

Eddy Harris spent his early years in the Harlem district of New York City before moving to Missouri ; he travelled the entire length of the Mississippi River alone in a canoe, in the 1980s ; he published his first book, A Mississippi Solo, in 1988 ; he travelled extensively through Africa, in the early 1990s ; published Native Stranger, in 1992 ;he travelled across the South on a motorcycle and wrote South of Haunted Dreams, in 1993 ; he moved back to Harlem, in the early 1990s ; he published Still Life in Harlem, in 1996 ;he has written numerous articles and reviews for publications such as Outside, Sewanee Review, Washington Post, and others, in the1990s ; he served as writer-in-residence at Washington University, St. Louis, MO ; he published Jupiter et moi in France, in 2005 ; he currently resides in Paris, France for political, cultural and racial reasons.

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Bibliography :

  • Mississippi Solo
  • Native Stranger
  • South of Haunted Dreams
  • Still Life in Harlem (Diane Publisher, 1996)
  • Jupiter et Moi (Liana-Levi, 2005)

A summary of Jupiter et Moi Currently only available in French :

The history of African-Americans can be read between the lines of this family saga of the author and his Jupiter of a father, tyrannical and terrifying - yet lovable, funny and whimsical. It is the story of spectacular and bloody outbursts of racist ideology, as well as its everyday humiliations. Through formative events and pivotal scenes, Eddy Harris here becomes the spokesperson of his father’s generation, born at a time when, "fifty years after abolition, you could still smell the stagnant stench of slavery".