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Paris 60 (Editions du Rocher, 2007)

©Louis Monier

Robert de Goulaine is a true Renaissance man. He is a philosopher, a stylist, a poet, a live butterfly collector (he keeps his collection in his castle of Goulaine), and a producer of a famous Muscadet as well as being a great scholar. He dedicates a large part of his time to developing the historical family estate, the castle of Goulaine, one of the last major Loire castles. He is the author of a fabulous book on rare and vanished wines which obtained the Prix Grand Cru des Journées du livre et du vin in 1996. Paris 60 describes the wondrous 60’s in Paris and the lives of the artists who frequented it. He is the author of several novels as well ; Les Seigneurs de la Mort is an adventure story happening in Mongolia that gives us a new interpretation of history.

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Bibliography :

  • Paris 60 (Christian de Bartillat, 2002 ; Editions du Rocher, 2007)

A summary of Paris 60 :

“I wanted to get to know a city more surprising, more magical that the Gaste forest of the troubadours. I did not want to be dazzled nor educated ; I just wanted to lose myself far from the chic avenues, in a part of the city where the streets had remained but narrow alleyways and the walls were all crooked, the doors welcoming, open onto a maze of courtyards, arcades and staircases.” (Loose translation) Robert de Goulaine takes the reader on a tour of Paris in the 1960’s where reality mingles with fantasy and intrigues become enigmas. Some parts of Paris are replete with magic and spells, such as the manor of the white queen, the dance hall of the rue Au-Maire, the rue Mouffetard, the Vert-Gallant square, the Vaugirard slaughterhouse, Pigalle, the Vivienne gallery, the Buttes-Chaumont ... The author is the discreet accomplice of surprising characters who emerge from the shadows and are quick to return to them. Paris 60 is a feat of alchemy, an underground adventure, the mirror of a parallel universe.