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L’autre (Tome 1) : Le Souffle de la Hyène (Rageot, 2006)

Pierre Bottero was born on February 13,1964 in Barcelonette, a town in the Alps. He came to live in Provence when he was very young, a place he has not left since. He even says about his love for Provence that he wouldn’t be able to live without the sun, the Mistral and the cicadas...
He is married and the father of two girls, he taught for a long time and with great pleasure before devoting his whole time to writing.
His first writings were published by Flammarion and he then moved on to Rageot for the Ewilan saga, a double trilogy of heroic fantasy, a genre that he especially likes. His love for fantasy literature goes back to a long, long time - he was still wearing short trousers- and the intense discovery of the worlds of J.R Tolkien – he couldn’t sleep for a whole week - followed by deep and frequent immersions in the worlds of Farmer, Zelasny, Bradley, Moorcock,

Leiber and severall other great magicians. When he is asked where he draws his inspiration from, he gladly talks about the impact of his readings on his imagination and even on his personality, before saying that he doesn’t believe he’s invented anything : "I just open the door of my mind, and the stories go from my head into the computer."
He is busy working on other projects and has published other oeuvres mainly in Rageot. Indeed, Pierre devotes a lot of time to writing when he is not roaming through France for various fairs or shows.
And he doesn’t want to change that !

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A summary of Résumé de La quête d’Ewilan :

Camille enters by accident in the universe of Gwendalavir and discovers that she is the girl who has been chosen to save the whole nation. Camille thus becomes Ewilan after having brought down several enemies. Her quest allows her to find her real identity, her responsibilities, her aspirations and her place in the world.

A summary of Les Mondes d’Ewilan’s :

Ewilan had just finished her quest in Gwendalavir when she is confined to Earth and deprived of her gift. Though she is weakened by captivity, she is consumed with a thirst for revenge and justice and so she discovers new resources and unexpected allies. Her escape soon leads her to unknown lands.