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Finn Prescott (Editions de l’Olivier, 2007)

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Jérôme Lambert was born in 1975 in Nantes. He now lives in Paris. He was not successful in his efforts to pass a teaching exam, so he kept the best aspects of his literature studies, a passion for books and writers. After several internships with different publishers, he landed a job with "L’école des Loisirs".
La mémoire neuve is his first novel at the Editions de l’Olivier. In his book, Jérome Lambert talks about love, love and love : "As in the fragments of a famous speech on love by Barthes, I think that the real subversion is to touch on feelings."
Moreover, he has translated books (Chaïm Potok, Jerry Spinelli…), and written for young people at Ecole des Loisirs (Tous les garçons et les filles, Meilleur ami, Comme le soleil…). He has also taken part in the collective work published by Editions verticales that came with Dominique A.’s album, "Tout sera comme avant".

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  • Finn Prescott (Editions de l’Olivier, 2007)

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The first time I heard about Finn Prescott, it was two days before his burial". The fact was that his mother insistently begged him to come to one of his distant cousin’s burial and so, the narrator decides to reconstitute his life, listening to the conversations of the people around him. When he was 20, Finn Prescott studied medicine very carefully as he was a diligent man. When he was 25, he decided to explore the world, as he was an exalted man. At 30, he married Nina Carolyn Newland, he was a man in love. When he turned 40, he bumped into a former schoolmate because he was a tired and lonely man. When he died, Finn Prescott had barely left his native town, a country town. The only things that remain of his life are the mistakes that must be avoided and the mistakes that must be made.
This growing up novel is like a fresco that covers several decades. A fate made of dreams and renunciations ; of lyricism and falls ; of vital energy and inert torpors.