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JOYCE Graham

Great Britain

The Limits of Enchantment (Gollancz, 2006)

Graham Joyce was born in 1954 and grew up in a small mining town near Coventry, G.B. He studied and taught Anglo-Saxon literature before moving to a Greek island to write his first book. Since 1991, his ten novels and numerous short stories (Les Nuits de Leningrad in Faux rêveur, was awarded the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire in 2003) have made him a major fantasy writer with four British Fantasy Awards and the World Fantasy Award for The Facts of Life. He is hailed as a major contemporary writer of general literature.

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Bibliography :

  • Twoc : Taken Without Owners Consent (Viking Books, 2007)
  • The Facts of Life (Magna Large Print Books, 2007) - Lignes de vie
  • The Limits of Enchantment (Gollancz, 2006) - Les Limites de l’enchantement
  • Do the Creepy Thing (Faber, 2006)

A short summary of The Limits of Enchantment :

Everything Fern Cullen knows she’s learned from her Mammy — and none of it’s conventional. Taught midwifery at an early age, Fern grows up as Mammy’s trusted assistant in a small English village and learns through experience that secrets are precious, men can’t be trusted, hippies are filthy and people should generally mind their own business.
But when one of Mammy’s patients allegedly dies from a potion prescribed to induce abortion, the town’s people rally against her outdated methods, and Mammy ends up hospitalized, due to a bad fall and a broken heart. Now the county is threatening eviction if Fern can’t come up with the overdue rent, and a bunch of hippies and a woman with hoop earrings with a mysterious connection to Mammy seem to be the only people with any answers. As Fern struggles to save her home and Mammy’s good name, everything around her begins to transform, and she soon uncovers a legacy spotted with magic.
The Limits of Enchantment is at once a story of two women : one with a deep past and one who finds her history in the other. It is a tale of midwifery, alchemy, magic, truth and identity, from an author with the extraordinary ability to blend literature and fantasy with surprising dexterity.