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Algeria / France

Du rêve pour les oufs (Hachette Littératures, 2006)

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Faïza Guène is of Algerian origin and lives with her parents in the ‘Courtillières’ estate in Pantin. In 2004 she produced and wrote the script of a medium length film : ‘Rien que des mots. She is studying literature after having written a first novel : ‘Kiffe kiffe demain’. Faïza Guène, 21, has returned with a second novel : ‘Du rêve pour les oufs’.

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Bibliography :

  • Du rêve pour les oufs (Hachette Littératures, 2006)

A short summary of Du rêve pour les oufs :

Ahlème is 24 ; she lives in the southern suburb of Ivry with ‘the boss’ her father and Foued, her younger brother, 13. The boss, a loony character, lost his mind 3 years earlier in a building site accident when his head hit a joist. Because he has lost his mind, things are getting too much for him, he is a boss who uses his authority mostly on Ahlème who has a lot to do with Foued, a real guttersnipe. The only thing that prevents him from accumulating gaffes (more or less funny or serious) is his sister watching over him. But she is very busy too, between her temporary work (counting nails at Leroy Merlin), queuing at the prefecture in order to renew her residence permit (every three months) and her hopeless love stories (why are her friends always introducing yokels to her ?)
Despite her watchfulness, she can’t forever prevent her young brother from taking a downward path and spends more and more time with ‘aunt Mariatou’, an expert at sayings and a surrogate mother. There, she can let off steam.
Her own real mother was murdered in Algeria in 1992. Since then , Alhlème’s life has been in France, with the memory of lost happiness and above all the hope of happiness to come.
She is still young and sometimes she can be naïve but ; often ; she has this feeling like she has been lived a hundred lives. Probably one of the effects of the boss’s foolishness and all the hassles ?
One morning, she discovers that because of trouble with the law Foued is threatened with deportation.
Some would have given up and stopped laughing. But not her ; because as aunt Mariatou says, ‘ You can cut the tail of a lizard as many times as you want it will still grow back.’