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ALIBEU Géraldine


Les jardins suspendus (Hachette, 2006)

Géraldine Alibeu was born in 1978 in Echirolles, France. She obtained her French high school diploma in sciences in 1995 and after a year of preparing for admission into a school of Arts in Lyon, she gained admittance to the school of decorative arts in Strasbourg, from which she graduated in 2001. She has already made two short animation films. She regularly writes and illustrates works for various publishers.

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  • Les jardins suspendus (Hachette, 2006)

A short summary of Les jardins suspendus :

There are cities that grow in height only.
Cities covered in dust and sand blown in from the desert. Cities where the sun no longer reaches the streets. Cities where thousands of anonymous people live. And Anja lived in just such a city.