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Tara Duncan (Tome 4) : Le Dragon renégat (Flammarion, 2006)

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From her roots in Armenia, Her Royal Highness Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian has inherited her keen interest in the magic of the Orient ; and from her roots in Russia, her love of the poetry of the Slavic soul. In her universe, Djins and Effrits mix with Vampyres and Trolls. Add a good dose of French cartesianism and it makes for a perfect plot, and don’t forget a pinch of real British humor. The result is a truly explosive cocktail.
The first volume of Tara Duncan : les Sortceliers was incredibly successful. It conquered teenage and adult readers alike, thanks to its unbridled and scathing humor. More than 10,000 copies were sold over a six month-period and it was immediately snapped up by German, Japanese, Italian and Korean publishers.
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  • Tara Duncan (Tome 4) : Le Dragon renégat (Flammarion, 2006)

A brief summary of Tara Duncan (Tome 4) : Le Dragon renégat :

In a laboratory of the Omois Empire, on a planet called Otherworld, two people are confronting one another. The outcome of this fight will be decisive for the future of the Earth and the fate of some teenagers with very odd powers, but certainly not Tara Duncan. The young charmitch, princess and heiress of Omois is very busy on Earth. Her magic powers, now beyond her control, could be the result of a genetic experiment that could be endangering her life. On top of that, monstrous enemies threaten the planet and force Tara to help a young inhabitant of Earth, endowed with superhuman powers. Worried but resolute, the Imperial Heiress heads for England and Stonehenge. With the help of her great-grandfather the dog Manitou, the half-elf Robin, of Fafnir, Moineau La Bête, Fabrice and Cal the clever Thief, will Tara be able to save the Earth and find the answer to the riddle of her origins ?