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Le secret de Mikissuk : un voyage au pays des Inuits


Barroux was born in France. He studied graphic drawing at Maximilien Vox school, and attended the Boule School of Architecture for one year ; he also took lessons in graphics at the Estienne school in Paris. For ten years, he was artistic manager for various advertising agencies. Then he lived in Canada and the United States for a few years, and there started on an outstanding career in illustration for young readers and the press. He worked for several magazines like the New-York Times, the Washington Post, and Forbes and published several books for children, notably at Vicking Penguin Putnam Book publishers. In January 2003, he came back to France.
Barroux has a traditional approach to illustration, mixing line engraving, black lead pencils, and acrylics. Barroux was awarded the ENFANTAISIE prize in 2005 for La cerise géante de Mr Jean Fantasy Price in 2005 by a jury entirely composed of young readers.

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Bibliography :

  • Les lapins du chapelier (Nathan, 2006)

A brief summary of Les lapins du chapelier :

A hatter’s shop is a surprising place where you can find all kinds of hats. But the hatter must leave in a great hurry to make a hat for the Archduchess. He entrusts the shop into his nephew’s care...but he has to be careful, he has to respect a ’look but don’t touch" rule ! No sooner has the hatter left the shop that the nephew rummages about everywhere. He thus finds a strange top hat. He sets it down next to him, and being tired, falls asleep... As the nephew is sleeping peacefully, a rabbit comes out of the hat ! Then another one, and another one again ! Soon, the shop is overrun and the nephew wakes up and finds himself surrounded by bounding rabbits ! Fortunately, the hatter who has come rushing back is a bit of a magician...