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(Neobled, Rouda, Lyor)

Le Collectif 129H

In 2001, the Slam movement was still a well-kept secret. There were only a very few microscopic night clubs which drew strange chatterboxes with names like Rouda, Néobled and Lyor of Collectif 129H. They excelled in telling stories that were funny, outrageous, fictional, true, smarting, demanding or sweet.
They told their stories, sang them and mimed them with both voice and gestures. Everybody wanted more. And some even jumped on stage to accompany the group. Five years on, this form of poetry by 129h, that is spoken, performed or rapped has been broadcast wide and far, from France to Mali, Brazil and Morocco. Today, 129h is present on the most prestigious stages of the world such as Grande Halle de la Villette, Palais de Tokyo, La Cigale and le Bataclan with Grand Corps Malade, their writing companion. 129h is also present on the so-called secondary stages in the suburbs that demand equal access to words. What do events like the festival de rue d’Aurillac, lJazz Nomade at Bouffes du Nord, Etonnants Voyageurs in Saint Malo or a spontaneous performance on a street corner have in common ? The answer might be the spectacular presence of 129h and their poetry so full of special effects.
Collection 129h is the first collective of French slammers ; Rouda, Neobled and Lyor are Parisian poet-rapper-slammers who have been working since September 2001 in a completely original genre that combines speaking, writing and performing. Pressed by the urgency of expressing themselves, they perform slam sessions together all over France giving shows and concerts, organising slam writing workshops and promoting wild slam, exporting slam to Africa and creating songs in their 129h studio.

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