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Sur les pas de Henry de Monfreid (Presses de la renaissance, 2007)

Guillaume de MONFREID

Guillaume de Monfreid is an architect, draughtsman and watercolourist (he exhibits his works at the salon de la Marine). He has also written several works such as Normandie extrême, En mer Rouge, Henry de Monfreid aventurier-photographe, Peintres dans la ville, Tirana galerie, Sillages d’Afrique and Trésors de la Hague. He is a world traveller and has a special passion for Africa. He is the architect of the Nigerian Parliament.

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Bibliography :

  • Sur les pas de Henry de Monfreid (Presses de la renaissance, 2007)

A brief summary of Sur les pas de Henry de Monfreid :

From Saigon to Aden, Abu Dhabi to Port Said, Djibouti, and Addis-Ababa, Guillaume de Monfreid takes us in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, one of the most illustrious writer-adventurers of the 20th century. Using documents and illustrations, he gives an account of nearly fifty years of research, of creative roaming in the footsteps of the uncommon man whose name he bears. Fifty years of notes and privates drawings that help the reader better understand the life of a legendary writer whose fame is still growing. Limited to the geographical area of the narrow Red Sea that links Africa and Asia and opens the door to imagination, the very private adventure narrated in this book tells a story of human grandeur with all its excessiveness and beauty.