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Mais que fait ce bébé ? (Palette, 2007)

Béatrice Fontanel was born in Casablanca in 1957, and now lives in Paris. She has a real passion for scientific popularization and iconographical research, and has developed and written many illustrated books. She is most keen about daily life, both in her documentary books and in her collections of poetry for children and adults. She is notably the author of a TV show about tribal babies. Her greatest wish is to develop a new generation of documentary books about animals to teach young readers how to look at nature differently, to help them observe the most varied of creatures from a new angle and learn about their way of life with educational and humorous texts.
She is part of a group of lithography artists Les Arts verts de Paris with who she publishes unique or limited edition books like Un Jardin de Montagne. Her fourth book Tentacules et Manivelles ends with an activity based on playing with various language sounds.

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  • Mais que fait ce bébé ? (Palette, 2007)