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Passeport à l’Iranienne (Lattes, 2007)

Nahal Tajadod was born in Teheran in 1960 and left Iran for France in 1977. She studied at INALCO where she obtained a doctorate in Chinese. Her thesis was on Mani, the Buddha of light and gave for the first time a translation of a Manichean text in Chinese, a real textbook written by the Manicheans themselves. She has been researching the Iranian contributions to Chinese civilisation. Buddhism, Christianism, Manichaeism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Islam were all spread in China by Iranian missionaries. Born into a family of Iranian erudites, Nahal Tajadod was initiated into Sufism in childhood. She has contributed to the translation of the Rûmi and has written a fictionalized biography of the great master of Sufism.

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  • Passeport à l’Iranienne (Lattes, 2007)

A brief summary of Passeport à l’Iranienne :

This novel gives an account of how the simple fact of renewing a passport can give a completely different and eventually funny perspective on real life in Teheran today. This is the story that Nahal Tajadod tells based on events that really happened to her in April 2005. In the course of her efforts to obtain that precious document, the writer encountered many interesting people and she draws a gallery of portraits that illustrate all the craziness, the generosity and the humour of a people living under the yoke of a harsh political system. She tells the readers about meeting a couple of photographers specialized in Islamic portraits who in turn introduced her to a pathologist involved in organ trafficking ; of women dressed all in black sitting on the street waiting for the administrative offices to open ; of a madam who wants to send her girls to Dubai ; of a grandmother who gave a living hen to an unrelenting soldier ; of a chauffeur who became indignant because the world did not want Iran to have THE bomb whereas Indians and Pakistanis ,who have a darker complexion, already have it ; of a technician who hid a satellite dish in a pot for religious offerings ; of a pressure cooker deserving of a blessing …