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La girafe qui voulait voir la banquise (Nathan, 2008)

Nathalie Zimmerman was born on December 13, 1958 and never attended school in order to be free to follow her father who worked both in France and abroad. She did her schoolwork by correspondence and had time to observe and think.

She studied English, Russian and Arabic at university and became a literary translator in Russian and English. She translated Stephen King, among others. She also writes for young readers and her works have been published in various collections.

Her characters are strange creatures of her imagination, nice witches and ghosts people her stories. Her works are often full of humour but this does not stop her from dealing with more serious subjects with great appropriateness. She has just published, with Nathalie Choux, La girafe qui voulait voir la banquise (Nathan).

Bibliography :

  • La girafe qui voulait voir la banquise (Nathan, 2008)
  • Tipi, curry, bon appétit (Nathan, 2007)
  • Le journal de sa vie (Nathan, 2006)
  • Le journal d’Andromaque : La sirène en maillot de bain (avec Véronique Deiss, Fernand Nathan, 2006)
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  • Le fantôme du HLM (Nathan poche, 1992)
  • Le lapin de malheur (Hachette jeunesse, 1991)

Synopsis of La girafe qui voulait voir la banquise :

A plush giraffe, Girouette, is determined to travel to the North Pole. She can just imagine running in the wind and the snow of the big white ice floes ! But there isn’t a single explorer who will agree to …