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Stoneheart (Hachette jeunesse, 2007)

Charlie Fletcher, 47, has two children and lives in England where he works as a screenwriter for cinema and television. Stoneheart, the first volume of his trilogy, was his debut novel. The book was highly acclaimed by the public and was one of the bestselling youth books of 2007.

Charlie Fletcher got the idea for the story, that of a young boy being chased by London statues about forty years ago when he was walking with his family in the Hyde Park area. He had a strange vision ; he thought the statue at the Royal Artillery Memorial was so lifelike that it seemed alive indeed. "Instantly he looked to me like a hero. Maybe it was his cape, maybe it was the way he looked so wet and exhausted, maybe it was the angle at which he was leaning against the plinth, as if he’d just had a hell of a day trying to control the horses. But that figure made a huge and lasting impression on me.’’ So that soldier, forty years later, will help George in his fight against evil statues, dragons and gargoyles that abound in London.
The second volume of Stoneheart was published in France in translation in February of this year.

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Bibliography :


  • 1. Stoneheart (2006)
  • 2. Iron Hand (2007)
  • 3. Silvertongue (2008)

Synopsis of Stoneheart :

On a school trip to the Natural History Museum in London, a 12-year-old loner named George is banished for something he didn’t do. Angry, he lashes out and breaks off a dragon’s head carved onto the wall of the museum. Next thing he knows, a pterodactyl carving comes to life and begins to chase him. From Gunner, a walking, talking statue, George learns that he has entered another layer of reality, and that his arrival has started a new war between good spits (statues that are imbued with a soullike essence by their inspired makers) and evil taints (soulless carvings). With the advice of various spits, and the companionship of a girl named Edie, George seeks answers from two Sphinx statues, whose enigmatic clues lead the pair into a terrifying adventure. Creatively building on the plentiful gargoyles and other creepy stonework of its urban setting, this lengthy novel, the first in a planned trilogy, will draw capable readers for its suspenseful chase scenes, scary creatures, and highly original premise.


Hachette Jeunesse - 2007

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