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Jeu des Yeux (Panama, 2006)

THervé Tullet was born in Avranches in 1958 and now lives in Paris. After studying graphic arts he made his debut in advertisement as an artistic director for an advertising agency.

He returned to his first passion during the 90s when he drew his first illustrations for the press, the publishing industry and adverting. He published his first children’s book as author-illustrator in 1994 at Seuil Jeunesse.
Now working exclusively on his illustrating and painting Hervé Tullet has published about thirty books so far and some of his works have even been published in the United Kingdom. What’s more he loves meeting his audience, children as well as adults, and triggering their imagination.

En Français

Bibliography (Partial)

  • Jeu du cirque (Panama, 2007)
  • Turlututu histoires magiques ( Le Seuil jeunesse, 2007)
  • A toi de gribouiller (Bayard jeunesse, 2007)
  • Jeu de hasards (Panama, 2007)
  • Jeu de formes (Panama, 2007)
  • Jeu des Yeux (Panama, 2006)
  • Jeu de lumières (Panama, 2006)
  • Jeu de couleurs (Panama, 2006)
  • Moi c’est Blop (Panama, 2005)
  • C’est toute une histoire ( Le Seuil Jeunesse, 2004)
  • Le premier jour ( Le Seuil jeunesse, 2003)
  • Dix fois dix (Le Seuil jeunesse, 2003)
  • Le jour et la nuit (Le Seuil Jeunesse, 2000)
  • Mais qu’est ce qui cloche ? ( Le Seuil Jeunesse, 2000)
  • Copain, Kopain (Le Seuil Jeunesse, 1999)

Synopsis of Jeu des Yeux

Each double page presents a character whose eyes are just holes. When readers puts the book to their faces Jeu des Yeux becomes a book of masks turning its readers into a cat, a robot, a little boy or girl... With these windows the book enables its readers to see through it and discover the world even when it’s closed.

Jeu des yeux

Panama (Ed du...) - 2006