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La Trempe (Actes Sud, 2007)

Magyd Cherfi has become with his music, his commitments and his lyrics one of the most interesting and intelligent voices in contemporary French music. He is a French –with Algerian roots - singer and composer and was born in Toulouse in 1962. He first became known as the leader and lyricist of the group Zebda.

He has gathered crowds of people in the defence of illegal immigrants (with GISTI, Groupe d’Information et de Soutien aux Immigrés, the word Travailleurs which explained the letter ‘T’ having been removed from the name of the association), against rampant fascism in 2002, against double sentencing, etc, alongside Noir Désir, les Têtes Raides and Dominique A. Magyd Cherfi is a true poet who speaks with conviction and humour of a modern and open citizenship.

When the group was disbanded in 2003, he continued on a solo career and released an album in 2004, La cité des étoiles. The same year, he published his debut literary work Livret de famille (Actes Sud, 2004), a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories revealing his storytelling talent to the public. In 2007, he released both a new album and a new book, along the same lines as the first, La trempe (Actes Sud, 2007). The author drew his inspiration for this collection of eight stories written in an incisive and clear style, from his own childhood and his personal experience as the son of immigrants. This book is full of the Southern influences that make up the charm and delicacy of his songs.

En Français


  • La Trempe (Actes Sud, 2007)
  • Livret de Famille (Actes Sud, 2004)


En solo :

  • Pas en vivant avec son Chien (Barclay, 2007)
  • Cité des Etoiles (Barclay, 2004)
  • Dis-moi Magyd (Epuisé, 2000), voyage et dialogue au coeur de la musique classique avec l’association Classisco dédié aux enfants du Mirail et d’ailleurs

With Zebda :

  • La Tawa (live) (Barclay, 2003)
  • Utopie d’Occase (Barclay, 2002)
  • Essence Ordinaire (Barclay, 1999)
  • Le Bruit et l’Odeur (Barclay, 1996)
  • L’Arène des Rumeurs (Nord-Sud/Barclay, 1992)


Magyd Cherfi’s website

La trempe

Actes Sud - 2007

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