Petit carreau (Chandeigne, 2008)

TOSCA is a graduate of the Beaux Arts of Paris where she studied drawing and printing.
She first worked as an arts teacher in different schools and at the museum of decorative Arts, then as an editor and reporter for the press, as well as a designer for porcelain and textiles. For more than ten years now, she has been an illustrator for the press and publishing.
Because she is a visual artist, she is interested in the possibilities presented by cardboard and recycled paper. Some of her works have been orders from luxury brands such as Vuitton, Cartier, or Veuve Cliquot. In 2006, she became interested in cultural mediation to promote her own work and tackle other fields such as contemporary puppets, the object theatre and popular arts that are dear to her.
As she uses colouring pencils, pastels and cut-outs, her creations almost always relate to childhood. Her book Petit Carreau that has just been published by éditions Chandeigne is representative of her universe and gives a large place to painted and cut cardboard (her favourite medium).

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  • Petit carreau (Chandeigne, 2008)

Synopsis of Petit Carreau :

Have not all little the children one day dreamed of going on an adventure, of discovering fabulous animals, exotic regions, the African savannah, the Amazonian forest or the turquoise seas of the Pacific Ocean ? As incredible as it may appear, it is what happened to Petit Carreau, a simple terracotta square ! He travels on board a ship to the spice and silk road. He is the companion of shopkeepers and sailors in search for wealth and discoveries. He is present everywhere, small and discreet, slipped into a pocket or into a purse. He has seen and remembered lots of things. Petit Carreau becomes rich with happiness from all he sees on sea or land. He spies animals that he draws on a notebook and tells us anecdotes about these majestic, exotic and legendary beings. Thus, he creates a precious bestiary that feeds him and makes his readers’ imagination gallop as well as that of his admirers : the bears, wild boar, dogs, rabbits, stags, lions, rhinoceroses, elephant, birds, parrots, butterflies, monkeys, cats, fish, sirens, dragons, horses, donkeys, giraffes and leopards. He memorizes, develops his tastes and modifies his aspect in contact with what he sees, with the arts, fashions, inheritances and legends of the countries he visits. When he returns home in order to celebrate this great initiation trip, he creates a large ceramic work which represents all the animals of his bestiary.
Petit Carreau is a book about trips in the shape of a bestiary. It talks about the power of inspiration that is perfectly embodied in azulejo or ceramics. It is the best way to show how we create, how art develops, how creation exchanges and is based on everything that surrounds us. It contains many things such as a world map at the time of discoveries, a bestiary, two pages of games that can be divided into in counters, cards and tiles. It proposes non-didactic hands-on games. The various elements and information contained in the the book can be used freely. There is also a house that can be decorated with azulejo that serves as a carrier for the elements of the game.

Petit carreau

Chandeigne - 2008

Les zozos du zoo

Saint-Malo 2009
Lundi : 10h00 - Les zozos du zoo
Joëlle Jolivet, Gilles Bachelet, Jean-François Martin, Tosca. Animé par Christelle Capo-Chichi