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Lune captive dans un œil mort (Zulma, 2009)

Pascal Garnier was born on July 4, 1949, in Paris and left school when he was 15, « in common agreement with the French state education system » and six month later, he found himself alone in Istanbul on the first stopping place of a journey which would last almost ten years. With little means, he went off to explore new countries, in North Africa, Asia, or the Middle-East.
Because he left school at an early age, and was hopeless with spelling and conjugations, nothing destined him to become the short story and novel writer that he is today, except for his irrepressible need to tell what he sees and write about it. Back in France, he tried a music career, in rock’n roll, and began by writing songs. Words lead to words and he started to write a short story, then two, then three, until he published a collection of short stories (POL) in the middle of the eighties. The harm was done. Pascal Garnier got a taste for writing and from that time on he hasn’t stopped publishing his works.
He has written about fifty books and is as atypical as he is prolific. He alternates between grim books and books for young people. He has succeeded in winning over a large publmic of readers from 8 to 78, thanks to a simple and uncluttered style, saluted for its originality.
He was awarded several prizes and notably received the 2001 prize from the « Polar dans la ville » Festival for Nul n’est à l’abri du succès, the Grand prix des Gens de Lettres for Chambre 12 the following year and the prize for the black humour in 2005 for Flux.
After the success of La théorie du panda (Zulma) in 2008, Pascal Garnier has just published another novel, Lune Captive dans un œil mort.

in French

Bibliography :

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Jeunesse :

  • Case départ (Bayard Jeunesse, 2008)
  • Derrière l’écran (Bayard Jeunesse, 2007)
  • Les enfants de la nuit (Bayard Jeunesse, 2006)
  • Dico dingo, avec Jochen Gerner (Nathan, 2005)
  • Motus (Lire c’est partir, 2005)
  • Mon jour de chance (Nathan, 2004)
  • Le chemin de sable, tome 4 : Vincent & Co (Pocket, 2003)
  • La décharge au trésor (Lire c’est partir, 2003)
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  • Le chemin de sable, tome 3 : Entre le ciel et l’eau (Pocket, 2002)
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  • Le chemin de sable, tome 2 : La neige au cour (Pocket, 2000)
  • Le chemin de sable, tome 1 : J’irai te voir (Pocket, 2000)
  • La Bleuïte aiguë, avec Jean-Louis Besson (Père Castor Flammarion, 1998)
  • Mauvais reflet (Nathan Jeunesse, 1998)
  • Lili Bouche d’enfer (Syros, 1998)
  • Traqués (École des Loisirs, 1995)
  • Le vieux bougon (Nathan, 1991)

Synopsis of Lune captive dans un oeil mort :

Martial and Odette have just moved into a heavenly residence in the South of France, far from their grey suburban life. Les Conviviales have a major asset : it guarantees their complete safety and protection – it is a seniors only residence. But they soon become disenchanted with the failing security and the utter boredom of their life. Thankfully, new neighbours move in. But their too-quiet life turns into an explosive shaker of obsessional problems, secret hurts, and fantasied threats from the outside world. Until even the moon, on a cloudless night that is more terrible than any other, is reflected in the eye of the guard. Pascal Garnier paints with great humour and skill the portrait of a generation that is made to believe that happiness can be bought like any other commodity. Or the end a life sheltered from a scary dream trap.


Zulma Editions - 2009

Martial et Odette viennent d’emménager dans une résidence paradisiaque du sud de la France, loin de leur grise vie de banlieue. Les Conviviales offrent un atout majeur : protection absolue et sécurité garantie - pour seniors uniquement. Assez vite, les défaillances du gardiennage s’ajoutent à l’ennui de l’isolement. Les premiers voisins s’installent enfin. Le huis clos devient alors un shaker explosif : troubles obsessionnels, blessures secrètes, menaces fantasmées du monde extérieur. Jusqu’à ce que la lune, une nuit plus terrible que les autres, se reflète dans l’œil du gardien... Avec beaucoup d’humour et de finesse, malgré la noirceur du sujet, Pascal Garnier brosse le portrait d’une génération à qui l’on vend le bonheur comme une marchandise supplémentaire. Une fin de vie à l’épreuve d’un redoutable piège à rêves.

Lune captive dans un œil mort

Zulma Editions - 2008

Noir béton

Les cafés littéraires en vidéo
Avec Richard LANGE, Pascal GARNIER, Eric Miles WILLIAMSON - Saint-Malo 2009

Quand la machine s’enraye

Saint-Malo 2009
Samedi : 16h15 - Quand la machine s’enraye
Patrick Rambaud, Pascal Garnier. Animé par Karen Papillaud

Le goût du Diable

Saint-Malo 2009
Samedi : 17h45 - Le goût du Diable
avec Thanh-Van Tran Nhut, Pascal Garnier, Michel Gardère et Michèle Barrière