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27 avril 2007.
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Charles D’Ambrosio comes from Seattle and lives in Portland (Oregon). He is considered as one of the most talented contemporary American writers and a master of the short story. His works of fiction have been published in numerous literary magazines such as the New Yorker, the Paris Review and Zoetrope. Orphans was published in the USA in 2005 and is being published along with The Dead Fish Museum, a collection of his short stories in their French translations.

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These eleven essays span continents, culture, and class. Fiction writer and essayist Charles D’Ambrosio inspects manufactured homes in Washington state ; tours the rooma of Hell House, a Pentecostal "haunted house" in Texas ; visits the dormitories and hallways of a Russian orphanage in Svirstroy ; and explores the textual space of family letters, at once expansive and claustrophobic. In these spaces, or the people who inhabit them, he unearths a kind of optimism, however guarded. He introduces us to a defender of gray whales ; the creator of Biosquat, a utopian experiment in Austin, Texas ; and a younger version of himself, searching for "culture" in Seattle in 1974. He analyzes the nuances of Mary Kay Letourneau’s trial and contemplates the persistence of rain and memory.