1er mai 2007.

Abha Dawesar was born in Delhi in 1974. She studied at Harvard. She worked in the world of finance before becoming a full time writer. She shares her time between Delhi and Paris and has just been designated by, India Today, the most influential Indian magazine, as one of the twenty-five most influential personalities of our times.

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A short summary of Babyji :

The events in the novel unfold in Delhi in the 90’s. Anamika Sharma is the kind of girl you always hated : she gets perfect grades and, as head prefect of her school in Delhi, has vast authority over her classmates. But Anamika’s extracurricular activities are far from exemplary : she is at the center of a love triangle between a lower-caste house servant and an educated, older divorcee. On top of that, she begins serious flirtations with the most popular girl in school, the father of her best friend and the local bad boy. Anamika’s amorous indiscretions provide a colorful backdrop to her questions about morality, gender roles and social rank in modern India, resulting in a tantalizing and sophisticated coming-of-age story.