1er mai 2007.

Hélène Kérillis comes from Aquitaine and lives in the west of France, a region with a maritime tradition. She has a passion for stories, tales, books and novels that the reader just needs to open to embark on short or long voyages. She also has a passion for the fine arts, and more specifically, painting. For the artist, entering into a piece of art is jus like starting on a trip. Language is essential to life, and reading and writing help people better understand themselves and the word.

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A brief summary of Contes de la mer :

This collection of ten stories gives an account of just as many different worlds. The reader casts off on a voyage of discovery, from the ice floes to the South seas, from East to West by way of the New World. This book describes the magic of the sea with its pirates, mermaids, wild islands …