1er mai 2007.

Sophie Nauleau was born in Toulouse in 1977. She studied history of Art at École du Louvre and contemporary literature at the Sorbonne. She is an expert on contemporary literature and has written a thesis entitled Nouvelle Oralité Poétique" "André Velter Troubadour au long cours". She is as a producer for France Culture and produced special programmes on equestrian art “Habiter cavalièrement le monde de Nuno Oliveira à Bartabas", and "Bartabas la folle allure”, as well as programmes on special people, François-René Duchâble, Yves Coppens, Jean-Pierre Sicre and Jordi Savall, and on contemporary art forms and world writers like R.K. Narayan from India and Mika Waltari from Finland. She also writes a chronicle for the magazine “Muze”, and has contributed to several anthologies such as Le goût de l’Égypte for Mercure de France and Poèmes en chansons for Librio.Un tour du monde des poètes d’expression française is a special anthology put together by Sophie Nauleau, with a run of 2,000 copies co-published by Poésie-Gallimard and Etonnants Voyageurs.

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