LIGNY Jean-Marc


1er mai 2007.

Jean-Marc Ligny was born in Paris and has the soul of a rocker ; his first job was with the French train company and a series of other small jobs followed. He has been a writer of science fiction and fantasy since the end of the seventies. He lived and work in the north of Brittany until 2001 (on the island of Bréhat and in Plouha) and has since been hiding in the forest of Forez where, (loose translation) “As long as he has all of his fingers and his head, he doesn’t plan on doing anything other than writing.” Jean-Marc Ligny published his first short story in 1978 and a novel the following year. Writing has been his only occupation since 1985. He has published forty or so short stories and about as many novels for Denoël, J’ai Lu, Fleuve noir, L’atalante as well as the young readers collection for Hachette and Nathan. He goes from one genre to another with incomparable ease, having written fantasy, political anticipation (Jihad), space opera (Les oiseaux de lumière), and cyberpunk (Inner city). In 2005, Jean-Marc Ligny started cooperating with Patrick Cothias on the Monsieur Némo et l’éternité series.

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In 2030, climate upheavals are no longer a threat but a reality that people have to live with. For some, their very survival is at issue, like Laurie whose house in Saint-Malo is flooded by the tides ; or Rudy, from the Netherlands, who has lost everything to the North Sea ; or Fatimata Konaté, the president of Burkina Faso, a country dying from drought. The discovery of some ground water in Kongoussi represent and unhoped-for godsend. Laurie and Rudy will find a new reason to keep on going when they take on the job of transporting some drilling equipment to Africa. But they meet their nemesis in Anthony Fuller, CEO of the Resourcing consortium who covets the water for Kansas. So, everything goes awry, even human relations. Then there are the religious extremists who intend on getting Fuller’s fortune and Fatimata’s mother who replies to their attacks with magic … It is a political and social novel that deals with the violence unleashed over water for some and by the trade winds for others, and with the embryo of madness in the world we live in.