1er mai 2007.
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Xabi Molia was born in Bayonne in 1977. He is a novelist, filmmaker and poet. He lives in Paris. Reprise des hostilités is his fourth book.

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This book tells a story of vengeance at the end of the 20th century. It is the story of Marin, whose father killed himself when the factory where he was working closed down. Having decided to take justice in his own hands, Marin will insinuate himself in the entourage of a dubious businessman-cum-politician. It is the story of the short existence of a dead man told from a Paradise that’s going to seed. It is the story of a political party prospering at the expense of a sick country where old people write books glorifying the vanquished, taxi drivers dream of aliens and young writers, of making it in Hollywood. It is the story of the start of a new century, for better or for worse, all depending on whose side you’re on.