19 mars 2008.

Jean-Luc Fromental was born in Tunis in 1950. He is a former director of Métal Hurlant, a French magazine of science fiction and horror comics. He is also a journalist, a writer and a screenwriter. He has written several books for the young public and is one of the co-creators, along with Hervé di Rosa, of the series Les Renés for Canal Plus television. In 2003 he wrote the screenplay for an animation film, Loulou et autres loups. He is in charge of the youth section of the Etonnants Voyageurs festival.

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Synopsis of 365 Pingouins :

It is nine o’clock in the morning and a deliveryman rings on the doorbell and delivers a parcel containing a penguin. Who sent this strange present ? There is a single clue which is a little note saying it should be fed when it’s hungry. Another penguin is delivered the next day, and so on and so forth every day. This book is a fun way for children to review their additions and learn the days of the week