CHAR Yasmine

23 avril 2008.

Yasmine Char Wegmuller comes from Switzerland. She was born in 1963 in Beirut of a Lebanese father and French mother. Yasmine attended a Franco-Lebanese high school and obtained her French high school diploma. Then during the Lebanese War she was a volunteer in a refugee camp where she taught French. She joined the International Red Cross and gathered testimonies from Sabra and Chatila survivors. When she was 25 she got married and left Lebanon for Switzerland to escape the war.

She then travelled regularly throughout the world on humanitarian missions. "These trips allowed me to relax. I could not have immediately gone from Beirut to Lausanne". When she settled in Switzerland she attended a secretarial training programme before becoming manager and scheduler at the Octagon Theatre in Pully (in the Vaud canton), all the while writing plays such as Les grandes gueules and Souviens-toi de m’oublier.

After A deux doigts in 2004, she published a second novel La main de Dieu in which she talks about her years of living in Lebanon.

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