6 mai 2008.

Marc De Gouvenain was born in Paris in 1947 and has been living in the Gard since 1976. He first studied natural sciences, then literature and eventually took a degree in English.

He spent 3 years in different jobs in Sweden, before leaving for Ethiopia and Morocco to work as a teacher.

Back in France in 1976, he then had many different jobs such as goat breeder, pilot-car driver, farm worker, and assistant entomologist for an Australian research laboratory located in the Mediterranean area (he went on missions to Morocco, Portugal, Spain…)

From 1984 he became a distant sports journeys guide (Yemen, Tibet, Ethiopia, Siberia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam…) and traveled alone on special preparation sojourns in Ethiopia, Siberia, Yemen, and the Solomon Islands…
Marc De Gouvenain is also a mountain guide, as he trained for and passed a state degree, and a trainer for the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and as such teaches geology, astronomy and mountain climbing techniques. He is also the author of a report on Djebel Haraz in Yemen.

It is from that experience that the collection Comprendre avant d’Apprendre (Actes Sud) (Understanding before Learning) was launched in 2004. It is a collection of small manageable books in which professional and field men introduce the natural environment and sports as they truly are.
Marc De Gouvenain is also a Swedish and English translator, and is currently the publisher and director of many collections for Actes Sud Editions. He has just published “Le Témoin des Salomon”.

En Français


Synopsis of Le Témoin des Salomon

A woman finds herself on the Solomon Islands, far from anything she has ever known in her fifty years of life. Being alone is conducive to taking stock of her situation, wondering about choices she made as time went by.
Francine spent a lot of time reconstituting the life of a man she loved, and who eventually left her.

The Melanesian circle and the difference reinforce her perceptions and her thoughts on what she can accomplish. For a moment, she starts feeling close again to the man whose steps have obstinately come up on some of the remotest parts of the world. She begins to understand that, on these islands that perturb her, she is traveling to a different universe. From Asia to Europe, from Europe to Oceania, what is the point of leaving if you don’t accomplish your quest ? The quest for oneself, and maybe death too.