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Great Britain

27 février 2009.

Michael Palin is a comedian and writer and also best known as one of the founding members of the legendary Monty Python. He was born in Sheffield on May 5, 1943 and remains an idol of British humour at its most unhinged.
When Michael Palin graduated from Oxford, he was more famous for his various literary contributions than for his history studies. He participated in the Oxford Revue, with Terry Jones, another future member of the Monty Python, and had a role in Hang Down Your Head and Die, a play against capital punishment.
After Oxford, he started a career at the BBC, alternating between documentaries and series, between working as a screenwriter and as an actor. As for his television work, he is mostly remembered for the Monty Python Flying Circus, but not exclusively ; indeed, he was awarded the BAFTA for Around the World in 80 Days in 1989, which he followed with contributions to various documentaries such as Pole to Pole in 1992, Full Circle : A Pacific Journey in 1996 and Hemingway Adventure in 1999.
In films, Michael Palin will be specially remembered for his eccentric roles in the various Monty Python movies, such as Sir Galahad the pure or leader of the Knights who say Ni ! in Holy Grail ; Pontius Pilate in Life of Brian or else the boring prophet, Hamlet’s third psychiatrist, the adorer of the holy shoe relic … all of whom were mad but unforgettable characters. He is impossible to forget in Brazil, A Private Function, A Fish Called Wanda in which he plays K-K-K-Ken, a rather simple stuttering lover of fish for which he was awarded the Oscar for best supporting role in 1989.
Michael Palin is not only a brilliant actor, a creative screenwriter and indefatigable globetrotter, he is also a formidable writer. He has written several plays among which are The Weekend, and has contributed to several newspapers such as the New York Times or Sunday Telegraph, and has written a novel, (Hemingway’s Chair, St Martin Press, 1999). Furthermore, drawing inspiration from his numerous travels around the world, he has become a well known travel writer, well liked by the critics and the public on the other side of the Channel.
With the translation into French of his Around the World in 80 Days, the French public is discovering his writing talents, Michael Plain as a modern day Phileas Fogg, a strange sort of adventurer.

Because of his very heavy schedule, Michael Palin will only be present at Etonnants Voyageurs on Monday June 1st.

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