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Le maître de Ballantrae (Denoël Graphic, 2006)


Frank Meynet known as Hippolyte was born in 1976. He attended Emile Cohl school in Lyon. In 2003, he was hailed for his two-book adaptation of Dracula by Bram Stocker. He is an unparalleled graphic designer and tireless experimenter; he can joyfully go from scratch cards to watercolour. He did a brilliant job of illustrating The Master of Ballantrae by the author of Treasure Island, reputed to be an impossible task. His work full of nods at great illustrators of Stevenson, Howard Pyle or N.C. Wyeth, and shows the great maturity of this young artist. A Second Book, recounting the continuation and the end of the adventure, will follow this First Book in few months.

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  • Le maître de Ballantrae (Denoël Graphic, 2006)

A short summary of The Master of Ballantrae :

In 1888, two years after the triumph of his ‘Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hide’, R.L. Stevenson has another go at the theme of the double with The Master of Ballantrae. It is an account of the sea, war and exotic adventures, it is furthermore an intimate drama, the harrowing clash between two brothers; sons of lord Ballantrae, who gamble their side in the conflict which opposed Protestants and Catholics for the English throne. Which of James the dissolute, charming and manipulative, or Henry the virtuous, hard working and embittered, will triumph in this fratricidal duel which will take us along without pause from one side of the world to the other ?