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Petites météorologies (Casterman, 2006)


Anne Herbauts was born in Brussels in 1975 and graduated from the fine arts academy. In her albums, she develops her concept of a tender, poetic and profoundly personal universe, whether telling her own stories or illustrating other stories such as Alice in Wonderland. She was awarded prizes in Bologna and Montreuil and is published by the very prestigious Casterman publishers. She lives in Brussels.

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  • Petites météorologies (Casterman, 2006)

A short summary of Petites météorologies :

Petites météorologies is the story of a cloud that has come out of a coffee pot. It sails through the pages of the album, its landscapes, its chronology as well as its cities and eventually meets another cloud. There are windows along the dreamy voyage of the little cloud, windows that the reader will want to open to go off in another direction. And behind the windows hidden in the little shacks, the trees and the houses, there are the meteorologies of the heart. This is a beautiful book full of wingless fowl, undelivered mail and secret tales. It is the story of a trip told in pictures rather than words.