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SORIN Raphaël


Produits d’entretiens (Finitude, 2006)

Raphaël Sorin was born in Chambéry in 1942. He spent two years in the seminar of Roland Barthes at the Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes. He has been a publisher for thirty years, he first worked for Seuil and then Champ Libre and other publishing houses such as Sagittaire, Albin Michel, Flammarion and Fayard.

He has also worked as a literary critic for the press, and for radio and television.

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Bibliography (In French)

  • Produits d’entretiens (Finitude, 2006)
  • Serge a trois temps (Signe de Piste éditions, 2002)
  • Parisiennes (Le temps qu’il fait, 1998)
  • Pop Art 68 (L’Echoppe, 1996)

Synopsis of Produits d’entretiens

Thirty years of publishing and literary journalism means quite a few meetings and interviews with writers and Sorin has written both indulgent and vitriolic profiles through his long career. And in thirty years Raphaël Sorin has also learnt how careful one needs to be with posterity when they have such a short memory. In his book Pour mémoire, he has published his interviews and profiles of a few authors that shouldn’t be forgotten, namely Pierre Bettencourt, Louis Scutenaire, Henri Calet, Jean Forton, Jean-Pierre Enard, Norge, some members of the Grand Jeu (Ribemont-Dessaignes, Sima, Minet, Harfaux) as well as Bounoure, etc. When he speaks about his favourite authors, Sorin also talks to us about himself, his childhood, his career and his friends. He writes with both humour and sensitiveness.
« Simenon dedicated his Mémoires to me. Queneau presented me with Bâton, Chiffre et Lettres. Barthes gave me the Système de la Mode. My library is a diary. I pick up every single book, one after the other. And I am in Lausanne at Gallimard. I go up the stairs in the rue Servandoni once again. My library is a black box. Everything can be found there, the smells of women, urban abuses, insomnia, holiday reading. I only have reach for a Calet , a Pessoa, a Cendrars, a Lubin, or a Roussel. They bring forth a landscape, a smile or some music, as unforgettable as the nicest of hugs. »

Les terribles

Finitude - 2011

Jean-Paul KAUFFMANN, David SHAHAR, Raphaël SORIN

Les cafés littéraires
Avec : Jean-Paul KAUFFMANN, David SHAHAR, Raphaël SORIN - Saint-Malo 1993

Avec : Jean-Paul KAUFFMANN, David SHAHAR, Raphaël SORIN
Animé par Maëtte CHANTREL et Christian ROLLAND