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Karine Fougeray is a graphic artist who was born in 1963. She grew up in Saint-Malo and spent her whole adolescence there. After 17 years in Paris, she decided to return to Brittany and to write the stories waiting for her there. She has a keen sense of observation and writes about men and women of al ages. She delves into their past without complacency and her universe is composed of four types of people, the living, the dead, and those who leave on the deck of a boat or on the back of a horse.

After publishing Elle fait les galettes, c’est toute sa vie, a collection, of short stories acclaimed by the critics, she has just released Ker violette, her debut novel which seems to have attracted a wide audience. The weekly le Nouvel Observateur, has even dubbed her the younger Breton sister of Anna Gavalda. This book is definitely a must read !

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  • Ker violette (Delphine Montalant, 2008)
  • Elle fait des galettes c’est toute sa vie (Delphine Montalant, 2007)

Synopsis of Ker violette

(Loosely translated)
‘I was thirty-five and driving along quite fast, downshifting in the bends and hugging the centre line. It was a beautiful day but that wasn’t important. I had to move on. The road followed the coast and meandered in all directions. At the second village, I headed for the harbour and parked there, amongst the smells of the pots that had just been brought back to shore. People stared ; they looked at me from under their caps, from above the collar of their pea jackets and their slickers. Men stared at me because I was stranger to them and it didn’t bother me, just the opposite.’

Clara, from nowhere in particular, just arrives one day in a Breton harbour. She is looking for her horse, but will find Félix, a man of the sea and Violette, a strange old woman who will take her into her bed and breakfast. Clara is a very independent woman ; she is honest and free and will attract passionate relations. Clara knows exactly what she wants tough. Yet she is hiding a tormented past that will slowly and with difficulty rise to the surface. Her quest will take Felix, Violette and other people whose path she crosses. Ker Violette is the story of a part of a life with its laughter, surprises and passions.
But Ker Violette is also the story of men of the sea who have gone to the land, of horses and boats which bring hearts together.

Ker Violette

Editions Delphine Montalant - 2008

En quête de sens

Les cafés littéraires
Avec Olivier ADAM, Chantal PELLETIER, Karine FOUGERAY - Saint-Malo 2008