Norman Spinrad is a major American Sci-Fi author who was born on September 15, 1940 in New York, USA. He studied science at and graduated from the College of the City of New York. He started writing his first short stories in his last year at college.
He published his first short story in 1963 in Analog, a major American Sci-Fi magazine. He then took a job as a literary agent in 1965, and contributed several short stories that were published in magazines such as Amazing, Galaxy or Worlds of tomorrow and gained quite a reputation as a short story writer. He published his first novel in 1966, The Solarians and became quite famous soon after with the publication of Bug Jack Barron. The book gave rise to quite a controversy at the time in the world of science fiction literature. Indeed, it was deemed to contain explicit language and a cynical attitude to politicians. But it is to this day considered a masterpiece in the genre. The publication of The Iron Dream created another scandal : it was banned in the USA, Great Britain and Germany as it dealt with very touchy – at the time - subjects : hallucinogenic substances and Nazi ideology. This novel, which is nought but an effort to deconstruct and criticize the National Socialist ideology, is now considered to be one of the author’s best works.
Norman Spinrad is the author of approximately forty works of fiction and non-fiction and one of the most representative of the New Wave. He uses science fiction to deal with major issues facing the world today and to denounce the insidious and various forces of alienation around us.
He has been living in France since1988 where he has written, among other works, Russian Spring, undoubtedly his most critical work, critical towards a system fast running out of steam. Though constantly judging the world around him, Spinrad never takes a political stand in his oeuvre, letting readers come to their own conclusions. But whatever the topic at issue, the author remains famous for his devastating sense of humour and his political commitments.
Spinrad’s French fans will be happy to hear the translation of He Walked Among Us has just come out.

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Norman Spinrad’s website

Bibliography :

  • The Solarians (1966)
  • Agent of Chaos (1967)
  • The Men in the Jungle (1967)
  • Bug Jack Barron (1969)
  • The Iron Dream (1972)
  • Passing through the Flame (1975)
  • Riding the Torch (1978)
  • A World Between (1979)
  • Songs from the Stars (1980)
  • The Mind Game (1980)
  • The Void Captain’s Tale (1983)
  • Child of Fortune (1985)
  • Little Heroes (1987)
  • Children of Hamelin (1991)
  • Russian Spring (1991)
  • Deus X (1993)
  • Pictures at 11 (1994)
  • Journals of the Plague Years (1995)
  • Greenhouse Summer (1999)
  • He walked among us (2003)
  • The Druid King (2003)
  • Mexica (2005)


  • The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde (1970)
  • No Direction Home (May 1975)
  • The Star-Spangled Future (1979)
  • Other Americas (1988)
  • Vampire Junkies (1994)

Short story

  • Down the Rabbit Hole (1966), published in the anthology The War Book (edited by James Sallis, 1969)


  • The Doomsday Machine (Star Trek : The Original Series)
  • Tag Team (Land of the Lost)


  • Science Fiction in the Real World (Carbondale, IL : Southern Illinois University Press, 1990)

Synopsis of The Iron Dream :

And what if Adolf Hitler, disgusted by the defeat of Germany in 1918 had emigrated to the USA ? What if he had discovered a penchant for writing Sci-Fi ? If he had dreamt of becoming the master of the Universe and had drawn inspiration from his racist and warmongering fantasies to write The Lord of the Swastika, a major prize-winning novel ? This metafictional alternate history novel is a clear and direct denunciation of Nazism

Vivement l'Apocalypse

Vivement l’Apocalypse

(Bernard Faroux et Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Canal+, 1999, 45’) -

Comment survivre au bogue de l’an 2000 ? Quelles mesures faut-il prendre pour faire face à la catastrophe qui annoncera la fin de notre civilisation ? Et les extraterrestres ? Existent-ils vraiment ?
Avec la participation de Maurice G. Dantec, Norman Spinrad, Serge Lehman, James Morrow ...

Le temps du

Fayard - 2012

Le temps du rêve Partisan d’une littérature engagée face aux grands enjeux contemporains, Norman Spinrad est l’auteur de romans passés au rang de chefs-d’oeuvre de la science-fi ction : Jack Barron et l’éternité, Le Printemps russe, Les Années fl éaux, Oussama… Par le détour d’un sommeil fi ctif aussi réjouissant qu’inquiétant, Le Temps du Rêve nous alerte sur les pièges de l’uniformisation et les dangers d’un monde où tout est sous contrôle, même les subconscients. Bienvenue dans le Temps de votre Rêve !

Rock Machine

Robert Laffont - 1989


Les cafés littéraires
Avec Norman SPINRAD, Michael PALIN - Saint-Malo 2009

Les années contre-culture

Les cafés littéraires
Avec Jean-François BIZOT, Jean-Pierre DIONNET, Guy PEELLAERT, Norman SPINRAD - Saint-Malo 2000


Les cafés littéraires
Avec : Jean-Luc FROMENTAL, Michel LE BRIS, Norman SPINRAD - Saint-Malo 1993

Avec : Jean-Luc FROMENTAL, Michel LE BRIS, Norman SPINRAD
Animé par Maëtte CHANTREL et Christian ROLLAND

Pierre DUBOIS, Lucien ROLLIN, Norman SPINRAD

Les cafés littéraires
Avec : Pierre DUBOIS, Lucien ROLLIN, Norman SPINRAD - Saint-Malo 1991

Avec : Pierre DUBOIS, Lucien ROLLIN, Norman SPINRAD
Animé par Maëtte CHANTREL et Christian ROLLAND