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Violon (Flammarion, 2006)

Anna MOÏ
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Anna Moï grew up in a war torn area. She was born in 1955 in Saïgon and her name then was still Thiên-Nga, which means “heavenly swan”. After the signature of the Geneva Agreements and the independence of North Vietnam in 1954, her parents moved south. Thiên-Nga was taught in French as early as infant-school. After she came to France, she met Agnès B and Philippe Guibourgé and made her debut in the world of fashion by opening a shop in the Halles quarter. Anna Moï lived in Paris and Tokyo for a long time before moving back to Vietnam with her husband in 1993. The Echo des rizières asked her for some of her writings and started publishing her on a regular basis. These columns have been compiled and are now available as the Echo des rizières, Anna Moï’s first book directly written in French. This seemingly light and resolutely optimistic work tells us about a woman’s life and contemporary Vietnam. She is a fashion stylist, but also a singer and a businesswoman and writes from her bungalow on stilts in a banana plantation near Saigon. Anna Moï shares her time between her house in Hô Chi Minh City and the South West of France.

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  • Violon (Flammarion, 2006)

A brief summary of Violon :

Garance is a fanciful luthier and a poet, a dreamer who wants to ferret out the secrets surrounding her childhood. Her quest leads her back to family dominated by women, to holidays in Normandy and to dyslexia which made her language disabled yet a lover of words, colours and sounds.